What is Netrospect?

The next evolution in rental placement services.

 It was developed for you, after years of network marketing discovered a better way to help you find your new home in an apartment community, townhome, duplex or single family home.   

Why Netrospect?

Save on Fees, Time, & Frustration!

There is a lot of cost in finding a new home.  Cost is identified as  time, money, and mental fatigue, that is where Netrospect comes in.   We screen every applicant (Credit, Criminal, and Evictions) just as the communities do.

The Right Fit for the Right Place.

NetroSpect guides you down the best path to your new home.

Our unique process allows us to get a complete picture of an Applicant and compare that to the requirements in the rental industry.   It is our goal to personally introduce you to the management team at your new home and reduce the cost of looking for a new home.

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We have developed a sophisticated rental placement service to help you find your next Apartment Home.  Working diligently with Internet Sources, as a well as developed resources in the Multifamily Industry and Employers. We have a network of Apartment Homes to fit your needs.   We match your needs with the Apartment Community requirements, to both save you time and money.  No more paying multiple non-refundable application fees.  Let our personal concierge service introduce you to the management team of your new home.   AND THIS SERVICE IS FREE TO YOU.


How we do it..

NetroSpect was created to assist you finding qualified residents for your communities.    This is how it works:

Using the Internet, Local Employers and relationships with the Multi-family industry we find, qualify and insure adequate screening (Credit, Criminal and Eviction History) to bring qualified prospects to your community.

Ron Ellis




I’ve never been involved in anything like this.  They took care of me above and beyond anything I could have asked for.  I saved a lot of time and money using this service and got the perfect place for me and my family.  I wouldn’t think of looking for another place without going through them.

Best thing to happen to me.

John Doe